CAMA Reports & Data

*Data updated nightly

This page contains links to download the most commonly requested full county databases from our office. The downloaded files are in standard ZIP compression format and are large. The download times will vary greatly based on the speed of your connection and the availability of bandwidth on the server. The size of each file is listed with a description below.


Use these links to download CAMA data. Reference the "Comprehensive CAMA Data File Record Layout" to configure data fields.

Real Property Data

Use these links to download AA407 Data Files. Use the "Read Me & Layout Files" reference to configure data fields.

Permits File

Includes all permits open and closed on the Master Appraisal File. Use these links to download Permits Files.

Swimming Pool Owners in County

This file provides location and mailing addresses for all properties with swimming pools in Manatee County.

Sales Data

Current Sales

The file contains all previous and present years sales in Manatee County beginning in January 1st of the previous year.

Previous Years Sales

Each file contains all Sales transfers in Manatee County for the specified year in Excel Format.

Personal Property

This file contains one record for each active Tangible Personal Property parcel in Manatee County.