Agricultural Classification of Lands

Classification of lands, i.e. agricultural or non-agricultural, is based on the primary use of the land as of January 1st each year.

Agricultural classification is a special use appraisal valuation for lands per Florida Statute 193.461(3)(b); “…only lands that are used primarily for bona fide agricultural purposes shall be classified agricultural. The term “bona fide agricultural purposes” means good faith commercial agricultural use of the land”

Agricultural classification, commonly known as Greenbelt, is not an exemption, but allows for valuation of land based on an agricultural use versus a highest and best use.   Good faith commercial agricultural use of the land is defined as the pursuit of an agricultural activity for a reasonable profit.  The Property Appraiser Office cannot suggest or recommend to the landowner what venture to begin or continue.

An Agricultural Classification of Lands application is required for lands to be considered for agricultural classification.

A parcel’s agricultural classification is subject to annual review by the Property Appraiser Office for continual bona fide agricultural use.  Such review may include site inspections and/or request for any updated supporting documentation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Not necessarily. The primarily use of the land must be an agricultural activity in pursuit of a reasonable profit.

A lease in itself is not a bona fide commercial agricultural use of the land.  The lessee must demonstrate that commercial agricultural is the primary use of your land.

Only the land is valued based on agricultural use.   All structures and improvements on a parcel are subject to a “highest and best use” valuation.  Including structures and improvements that were agricultural exempt from permitting.

No, agricultural classification in not transferrable.  You would have to submit your own application for it.

Yes, you can.  However, agricultural classification is for land only and only to that portion used primarily for bona fide agricultural purposes.  It does not pertain to any buildings or other improvements, nor any portion of the land consisting of a homesite and curtilage.  Any portion of a parcel of land that has agricultural classification will not qualify for homestead.  Any current homestead or non-homestead cap savings (difference between Market Value and Assessed Value) that may be attributed to any portion of a parcel applied for and reclassified as agricultural, will be lost.  Any lands reclassified from agriculture to non-agriculture shall be assessed under the provisions of Florida Statues 193.011 and 193.1555. It is the landowner’s responsibility to understand the implication of reclassifying of their parcel, or a portion of their parcel, to the agricultural classification.

Manatee County has waived the annual application requirement.  However it is your responsibility to notify the Property Appraiser Office of anything that may affect the agricultural classification.  This includes a change from one agriculture use to another. Though an annual application is not required, the landowner, or lessee if applicable, of existing agricultural classified lands, may submit at any time to the Property Appraiser Office updated supporting documentation.

Download the Agricultural Classification of Lands Application Packet.  Please read in entirety, it will answer this and other frequently asked questions. The packet includes the application and how the application and supporting documentation may be submitted.

Additional Information

Note: The Agricultural Classification of Lands application deadline is March 1st each year. 

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