Online Tangible Personal Property Electronic 30 Day Extension Application
Use this electronic application to apply for a 30 Day Extension for filing your company's Tangible Personal Property (TPP) Tax Return. Upon approval, the deadline to file your return will be May 1st, 2024. Upon submission of your extension request, your account(s) will be coded with a 30 Day Extension. If you need additional assistance with requesting a 30 Day Extension, please contact the Tangible Department at 941-748-8208.


Step 1, begin by choosing how you want to identify the account(s) you are applying for. You may choose to identify your account(s) two ways:
1. By Account Number or 2. By Account Name.

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A taxpayer may request a 30 Day Extension of time to file the Tangible Personal Property Tax Return (DR-405). The request must be received by the Property Appraiser’s Office no later than April 1st.

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